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K-Line Feb Fair Days 2005

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By Joe Mania

Once again, K-Line Electric Trains has been kind enough to allow us to preview their new offerings at their February Fair Days event. We were greeted by K-Line’s licensing representative Joanne who showed us their lineup of licensed products.

New Licensees For 2005:




Continued Licensees For 2005:

Looney Tunes

Miller Beer

Bill Swarthout, K-Lines Midwest Sales Representative, then took us on a tour of the entire product line. As he explained, there isn’t a lot of new stuff, but they are trying to catch up on late offerings. Following are a few of the highlights:

Super Streets:

The newest action accessory shown is the SuperStreets roadway and Railroadsters vehicles. The sets consist of O Gauge sized road in straight and curved sections along with things like a double crossover, Y track and a grade crossing. There is also a track that transitions to O gauge track. The last piece would come in handy for a Trolley line leaving the local streets and traveling to another town. All sorts of motorized trucks and vans are available.

Kosmos Set:

A neat alien themed set along with accessories obviously intended for the younger set. Lots of play value like a smoking engine, operating boxcar and tons of glow in the dark stuff.

Beginner Sets:

Low cost, high value sets with smoke, whistle and operating cars. Complete with track and transformer. Add the Add-On Train Set Pac and get 3 passenger cars, a barrel loader and 4 straight tracks.

Scale K-4’s:

All new tooling was made to produce these Die Cast locos. Available in prewar versions with or without smoke deflectors and the postwar version. All are available for Conventional or Command Control.

Scale Shays:

All new tooling and available in 2 or 3 Rail versions. Very striking and well detailed.

466T Tank Locos:

Beautiful scale Die Cast locomotives available in 2 Rail or 3 Rail, Conventional or Command Control.

Scale Berkshires:

Available in a myriad of versions, but the most striking is the green Boston and Albany.

Bombardier Commuter Cars:

You have to see these cars to appreciate them. They are HUGE!

Scale Hiawatha:

A set of F-7 ABA’s and 8 extruded aluminum passenger cars. Just beautiful! But the real prize in my opinion is the observation car.

Scale F-7s:

Pennsylvania, B&O, Great Northern and Reading to go along with the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha. Some highlights are the open or closed pilots with either conventional or scale couplers. Cloth diaphragms, metal door handles, brass mirrors, brake cylinders and hoses etc. All units smoke and powered units have TMCC, Cruise Control and Electrocouplers.

Scale F-3s:

Texas Special, UP & Santa-Fe paint schemes. Complete with TMCC, RailSounds, smoke, Cruise Control and Electrocouplers.

Porter and Plymouth Switchers:

Cute little Die-Cast 4 wheel switchers with lights, reverse and smoke.

S Gauge Line Continues:

A new Die Cast 4-6-2 Loco with smoke, headlight and air whistle heads 3 sets. Also a Plymouth switcher and loads of new cars.

Kid’s “O” Train Sets:

An infrared remote controlled GP7, tank car, boxcar and caboose along with an oval of track. All for less than $40.00.

New Action Accessories:

Operating Ford Dealership with rotating showroom platforms.

Railroad Diners with smoke, lighted signs and Jukebox sounds.

Caboose Yard office with smoke and simulated fire.

Watchman’s Shanty with moving watchman and lighted lantern.

Rotating Swing Bridge

Speeded Shed and Speeder

Three Bay Coal Unloading Ramp