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Info Wanted on Uncataloged Prewar 7000 Series Sets

e*Train Issue: Oct 2010   |   Posted in: ,

By Leon Sweet

To all prewar American Flyer collectors, I would like your help in compiling a list of Uncataloged 7000 series sets.

The 7000 series sets, to my knowledge, are uncataloged department store / wholesale sets and there is no listing of what came in these sets. 

Attached is a list of 7000 series boxed sets that I have observed.  I am not sure that they are correct components for the specific set, but this is how I have seen them.

If you have any information on any 7000 series sets, please email me the number and set components, including item number and color.  I would appreciate all information, even if it is contained in the following table.  Please send any information to [email protected]