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I Am Not a Child! (a story of Kid’s Corner!)

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By Clem Clement, Past President, TCA#64‐987 Winter 2023 e*Train

I came to York with my Mom and Dad. My Dad loves trains and seems to not have so many troubles on his mind when he is here. I’m happy when he smiles and looks happy. Mom and I walk around and enjoy each other’s company. We went to get me a soda when we found the Kids Korner @ York.

Mom left me sitting on a chair out side the yellow ribbons. I’m OK and feel safe and I can watch every thing. And such glorious things are happening in side the ropes that it makes me smile all the time. I wish I was a kid so I could play. Mom says I’m special. Dad says so too. I think I’m normal and special. but they say I have special challenges. My arms and legs sometimes don’t want to do what I want them to do, but it is all right with me. I hear big words about my situation starting with A or M, but mom says they are OK. I know I’m loved and I really like it here sitting outside the Kids Korner all by myself. And nobody is laughing at me. I feel so big to be able to be here all by myself while Mom does some shopping and relaxing. Some big people are really little. I’m big people.

The Brio Lady came over to ask me if I was OK and would I like to come in and play with the trains. I said no. I’m 25 and not a child. She was nice to ask me, but I’m too old to play, plus I’m a girl and girls don’t play with trains. Mom came back and checked on me- isn’t she nice. She was so happy to see that I was enjoying myself. Gosh, I’ve been here almost 2 hours just watching. This is a wonderful place.

Uncle Clem came over to see if I was OK and I said yes. I’m happy just watching every move the kids make. I could just live here. Why do big people always check on me? I’m not a child. (It is nice to be checked on though.)

A little boy was inside the ropes and needed help with the train he was playing with. The big people were not watching, but I was. I worked up my courage and I reached under the yellow ropes and helped the boy, because I’m not a child. I’m still shaking but I’m glad I helped. The big people never noticed the nice thing I did for the little boy (or did they- Uncle Clem seemed to get something in his eye about that time.) I’m glad there is a place for me at the Kids Korner @ York.