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How to Make a Wooden Strombecker Locomotive run!

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By Mike Stella

There are probably a number of old-timer TCA members that paid $1.00 as a kid and purchased a Strombecker kit of an early American steam locomotive, and had a great time mixing the packet of wood glue, and holding the pieces together waiting for that glue to dry.

I have had a lot of fun locating a few of these wooden kits and spending enjoyable hours sanding, filling, painting, and gluing. (All parts included, even the glue!)

Here is the easiest way to make your Strombecker “run” around your railroad.

I have been pleased with the final results but a static model is not as much fun as one that can run the “miles” around my Lionel railroad.  The solution was easy.  I simply took a few old Lionel flatcars, mounted simulated wooden ties, used some Flyer rails, and “chained” my locomotives down so as not to lose them in a long tunnel.

I pretend they are on the way to the Sacramento Railfair to take part in the celebration of American Steam Power.  I’ve written articles in the past about special flatcar loads I have added to my roster.  One even showed up in the Lionel catalog a year later!  I know there are many TCA members that have created their own loads and it would be great to see them all.

Happy Collecting!