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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE95-41066Fall 2018 Compilation 

Here is the second issue of the newletter links.  It has been updated, edited, and otherwise changed. 

You can still go to Division/Chapter Newsletters to see what is happening across the country.  You can also go to the National Headquarters News (NHN) to view an electronic copy of that TCA publication.  (You will need to have a TCA login and password.)  If you have ever lost or misplaced your copy, now you can access it readily.  If your division or chapter does not have a link on this page contact your entity directly.  Perhaps they need your help to get their newsletter going?

This advantage to being a TCA member can be especially important if you are a traveler.  As you travel you can check the TCA Division locator to see what division is in the area.  Go to Find A TCA Division.  After that you can check the newsletters for that area.  If you go to Pittsburgh, for example, look at the Fort Pitt Division newsletter.  You will see what’s new to do, what’s happening in the area, and find our who you can contact for more information!  

Below are links to current newsletters, as of September, 2018.  You may download, print, and use any of these newsletters for your personal use.

Atlantic Division                                   Latest Edition: Spring, 2018
A personal letter from President, Russ Keil; Division activities; Upcoming events and activities; Member/Community Connection; the Winter to Spring Train Show notices; and a feature article on the Legacy Train Stores.

Desert Division                                      Latest Edition: Summer, 2018
Welcome back to the Fall train season; Calendar dates for upcoming events; announcing the September Desert Division BOD meeting; personal letter from President Chris Allen; Rio Grande Chapter News; an article about a visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History; Train meet announcements; and a RailRood x-Change.

Dixie Division                                         Latest Edition: Winter, January, 2018
Dixie Division shares their president’s reflections, their treasurer’s report, and their 5 meet schedule for 2018. President Bob Keller has been on the road. The Winter 2018 is the last copy that they put out, and have since lost their editor.  Are you able to step up and fill these shoes? 
Contact President Bob at [email protected].

Dixie Division ~ Music City Chapter    Latest Edition: Summer, 2018
A message from President Ron Hirst; Summer planning ideas; meeting reports; and Train Trivia. 

Eastern Division ~ WB&A Chapter          Latest Edition: Oct-Dec 2018
The Trolley
Message from WB&A BOD; Top 10 reasons to join; article on historic train station at New Oxford, PA; Historian’s Corner; View from the Observation Car; announcements for upcoming train meets; article on a Christmas tree garden; and an article on the Lionel 260E.

Lone Star Division                                    Latest Edition: September, 2018
Lone Star Division Newsletter
Read about the upcoming 2019 TCA Convention in Albuquerque; the Ponchatoula and the Gulf Coast meets; the division meet in McKinney; the division meeting notes; and upcoming train meets. 

METCA (MEtropolitan  Division)              Latest Edition:  July-September, 2018
METCA schedule of events; and a Division car update.

NETCA (New England Division)                Latest Edition: September, 2018
A personal message from President John Keating; a report on the new division officers; a wrapup to the successful 2018 National TCA Convention in Warwick, RI; an offering of an S Gauge Toll House Cookie Car and other cars; announcements for division meets; chapter activities; and Coming Attractions.

NorCal (Northern California Division)     Latest Edition: January, 2018
A message from President Mike Andrews (Welcome back, Mike); a report on the Lotsa’ train meet; and an article about “An Electric Train for Christmas.”

Pacific NorthWest Division (PNW)            Latest Edition: Spring, 2018
Upcoming train meets; Division election update; a message from President Rick Dunn; Seattle Chapter News; Portland Chapter News; Treasure Valley Chapter News; with photos and meet schedule.

Southern Division                                      Latest Edition: Summer, 2018
Great pictures of division activities; a message from President Steve; a train quiz; a query from Vice-President Jay looking for volunteers; and train meet announcements and details.

Western Division                                        Latest Edition: August, 2018
Western Division lets us know about their meets in August; election results; a message from President Steve Waller; a Honor Roll listing of members (which is quite impressive); great photos from the July meet; and a history of Aristo-Craft Trains.