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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE95-41066     Winter 2020

It’s hard to believe that this is the fifth issue of the newletter links. It has been updated, edited, and otherwise changed. 

Find out what’s happening across the country. Use this resource as you travel and use it as a jumping off point when you talk with other collectors across the country.

This advantage to being a TCA member can be especially important as a traveler.  You can check the TCA Division locator to see what division is in the area  Go to Find A TCA Division. After that you can check the newsletters for that area. If you go to Pittsburgh, for example, look at the Fort Pitt Division newsletter. You will see what’s new to do, what’s happening in the area, and find our who you can contact for more information!

Below are links to current newsletters, as of December, 2019. You can click on the underlined links to reach the respective newsletters. You may download, print, and use any of these newsletters for your personal use.

Atlantic Division                               Latest Edition: Summer, 2019 
Atlantic Division Newsletter
This is an issue with information about the 49th Anniversary of the division.  There’s an article about the NTTL’s Oral History Project. A list of train shows and an article about new exhibits at the National Toy Train Museum. The article about a trip to Gulliver’s Gate is interesting.

Desert Division                                 Latest Edition: November, 2019 
Desert Division Newsletter
Election, Train Show, and Christmas Party head this newsletter.  There’s a great picture of TCA Secretary Christie Wilson. A report from the BOD follows. President Chris Allen, talks about all the volunteers it takes to make the events of the division happen.  Greg Palmer, President of the Rio Grande Chapter, gives a report of chapter activities. 

Dixie Division
Dixie Division
Dixie Division has lost their newsletter editor. 
Are you able to step up and fill these shoes? 
Contact President Bob at [email protected].

Dixie Division ~ Music City Chapter  Lastest Edition:  Fall, 2019
Music City Chapter Newsletter

A message from outgoing President Ron Hirst; there have been a lot of great train shows this year! Logo shirts are available for sale a the Christmas Train Show,

Eastern Division                              Latest Edition: April, 2020!
President Dan Danielson provides information about the upcoming April York Train Show. The show will be two days, Friday, April 24th and Saturday, April 25th. Setup in the Member Halls will be from 1 PM – 5 PM on Thursday. Dealer Halls Setup will be from 8 AM – 6 PM on Thursday. All halls will have Friday and Saturday Setup from as well as 8 AM – 9 AM. 
Eastern Division York Meet Notice (Newsletter)

Eastern Division ~ WB&A Chapter Latest Edition: Oct-Dec 2019
The Trolley  (WB&A Newsletter)
The WB&A is seeking volunteers to assist with the National Capital Christmas Tree.  See the newsletter for details in the President’s message.  There’s a great story about the Cass Railway in nearby West Virginia.   

Lone Star Division                            Latest Edition: Winter, 2020
Lone Star Division Newsletter
Congratulations to TCA member Jim Liverett who became the Win Big winner for 2019.  His prize was presented by TCA President Rupert Campbell.  Lots of activities and information are in the newsletter.    

METCA (Metropolitan Division)      Latest Edition:  COMING SOON
The December, 2019 METCA Waybill will be coming out soon.
While we wait, let’s share one of the first METCA newsletters, November, 1962 No.7!  It talks about the formation of the Division, and the Eastern Division Hershey meet with a record 135 in attendance! There is an write-up about American Flyer wide gauge trains by Harrison Bemis. There’s also a nice picture (black and white) of a wall of standard gauge trains!

NETCA (New England Division)       Latest Edition: November, 2019 
NETCA Newsletter
There’s still time to get your trains ready for the holiday season.  So says President Joe Fanara. Come to the local NETCA meets to get all that you need! There will be a December raffle, and Kids Club activities. Check out the Mermaid, Patriotic, and Toll House cars. 

NorCal (Northern California Division) Latest Edition: October, 2019
NorCal Express Newsletter

NorCal has posted their newsletters.  Here President Mike Andrews talks about the dedication of this issue to Richard Kughn, TCA member, owner of Lionel, and good friend to NorCal and to TCA  Thanks NorCal for taking the time to put this together!

Pacific NorthWest Division (PNW)    Latest Edition: 2019 Fall
Logger  (PNW Newsletter)
PNW shares information about upcoming train meets and events.  President Rick Dunn tells all about it in his President’s Message.  There is a lot going on in the NW USA, so check out the newsletter!

Southern Division                                Latest Edition: Fall, 2019  Vol 53 No 4
The Layout (Southern Division Newsletter)
Information is shared about the upcoming 2020 TCA Convention in Jacksonville, FL. The division is gearing up for a great time for everyone. There are fundraisers and clothing available. Check out the details! There’s a message from a very busy President, Steve Johnson, and from a very busy Vice President, Jay Zschau.

Western Division                                   Latest Edition: Nov/Dec 2019
Western Division Newsletter
What a wonderful way to spend the holidays.  Santa and all!  Great pictures and great activities. Thanks Western Division for sharing!