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Hear Ye, Hear, Ye, Can You Hear Me Now?

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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE95-41066   Spring 2019 Update

Here is the fourth issue of these newsletter links.  It has been updated, edited, and otherwise changed as of March, 2019.

As you read through the newsletters you will see that there’s a lot going on throughout the country.  You will also see that each and every division and chapter does not have an active newsletter link.   Since you are looking at this article it means that you are fairly well versed in online communication.  You should consider being the editor of your local chapter or division newsletter and getting it uploaded online.  It’s a task worth pursuing!

TCA has a link: Division/Chapter Newsletters to see what is happening across the country.  You can also go to the National Headquarters News (NHN) to view an electronic copy of this TCA e*Train publication which is chock full of fun facts.  (You will need to have a TCA login and password.)  If you have ever lost, or misplaced, your copy now you can access it readily.  If your division or chapter does not have a link on this page contact your entity directly.

This advantage to being a TCA member can be especially important if you are a traveler.  As you travel you can check the TCA Division locator to see what division is in the area.  Go to Find A TCA Division.  After that you can check the newsletters for that area.  If you go to Pittsburgh, for example, look at the Fort Pitt Division newsletter.  You will see what’s new to do, what’s happening in the area, and find our who you can contact for more information!  

Below are links to current newsletters, as of March, 2019.  If you click on the BLUE underlined information, it will link you to the newsletter.  You may download, print, and use any of these newsletters for your personal use.

Desert Division 
Desert Division Newsletter, February 2019
March, 2019 Desert Division Newsletter, March 2019
Desert Division had a great turnout at their monthly train show in February, even going so far as to pull out more tables!  President Chris Allen talks in his column about the “Trains f=that bring us all together”, but it’s NOT all that they do.  It gives us the opportunity to make friends and get to know people across the country.  There’s a nice article on Lionel History by Peter Atonna.  Dixie Division  

Dixie Division ~ Music City Chapter                   
Music City Chapter Winter, 2019 Newsletter
The next Music City show is March 23rd.  Join them at the First Baptist Church on Lebanon Rd, Donelson.  For details check out their newsletter.  They’ll have door prizes and their logo t-shirts available! 

Eastern Division                                         
There’s a link to information about the updated Discount Policy for future York Meets.  New President, Dan Danielson, is excited about the upcoming York Meet.  Updates and news are at
Eastern Division York Meet Notice April 2019 (Newsletter)

Eastern Division ~ WB&A Chapter                      
The Trolley, Jan to March 2019  (WB&A Newsletter)
General meet information and notes.  There’s also a book review of Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel Trains, O Gauge Volume 1:1915-1928, by Bruce Greenberg.  This review was done by Harvey Tafel, TCA# 99-50324.

Pacific NorthWest Division (PNW)                
2019 Winter Edition of the Logger  (PNW Newsletter)
President Rick Dunn shares his last thoughts as he steps down from the presidency having spent 6 years on the job.  The new president will be elected in the next ballot.   Great pictures of meets and upcoming news.

Southern Division      
The Layout, Winter 2019, Vol 53. No.1 (SD Newsletter)
Click on “The Layout” on the left task bar, then click on Vol 53-1.
Information on the Fenn Center (Ft. Pierce) Train Meet and there’s a long list of social events and activities.