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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Can You Hear Me Now?

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By Carol R. McGinnis, HE95-41066 Winter 2019

Here is the third issue of the newletter links.  It has been updated, edited, and otherwise changed. 

Go to Division/Chapter Newsletters to see what is happening across the contry.  You can also go to the National Headquarters News (NHN) to view an electronic copy of this TCA publication.  (You will need to have a TCA login and password.)  If you have ever lost, or misplaced, your copy now you can access it readily.  If your division or chapter does not have a link on this page, contact your entity directly.  Perhaps they need your help to get their newsletter going?

This advantage to being a TCA member can be especially important if you are a traveler.  As you travel you can check the TCA Division locator to see what division is in the area.  Go to Find A TCA Division.  After that you can check the newsletters for that area.  If you go to Pittsburgh, for example, look at the Fort Pitt Division newsletter.  You will see what’s new to do, what’s happening in the area, and find our who you can contact for more information!  

Below are links to current newsletters, as of December, 2018.  If you click on the BLUE underlined information it will link you to the newsletter.  You may download, print, and use any of these newsletters for your personal use.

Atlantic Division                                    
Since the last e*Train there have been three Atlantic Division Newsletters.

Summer 2018: There’s a report about the March meet features a Boy Scout Railroading Merit Badge workshop.  There are also some nice layout pictures from Atlantic Division member layouts.

Fall 2018: The President, Russ Keil, reports that the traveling layout is being re-tracked.  The tales of this layout are legendary and it will be going to the Greenberg’s Great Train and Toy show.  Division activities include a May train show at Penns Landing, the 48th Anniversary Luncheon, and the upcoming Model Railroading Days at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Winter 2018: President Keil talks about the new TCA Win Big Campaign and the advantages for members, the division, and TCA.  Both the Model Railroading Days in Strasburg and the layout at the Penns Landing show were a great success.  There are some wonderful pictures that spark the imagination!  World’s Greatest Hobby will be in January and there will be an Atlantic Division presence at the meet.  There’s also a nice article about the Hallmark Lionel collectible ornaments.

Desert Division                                           Latest Edition: November, 2018 
Desert Division Newsletter
November is a very full month for Desert Division.  There are 3 consecutive weekends with three consecutive activities!  The October train meet at Rail Fair went well with everyone, including the Paradise and Pacific Railroad in Scottsdale, AZ.

Dixie Division                                             
Dixie Division Newsletter
Dixie Division shares their president’s reflections, their treasurer’s report, and their 5 meet schedule for 2018. President Bob Keller has been on the road. This the last copy that they put out, and have since lost their editor.  Are you able to step up and fill these shoes? 
Contact President Bob at [email protected].

Dixie Division ~ Music City Chapter               
Music City Chapter Newsletter
A message from President Ron Hirst; Summer planning ideas; meeting reports; and Train Trivia. 

Eastern Division                                         Latest Edition: October, 2018
There’s a link to information about the updated Discount Policy for future York Meets.  President, John Zobel, speaks about his term of office and the new board coming on line in January.  There’s a wrap up of the October Meet from Registrar Debbie Geiser and much more!
Eastern Division York Meet Notice (Newsletter)

Eastern Division ~ WB&A Chapter                  Latest Edition: Jan-March 2019
The Trolley  (WB&A Newsletter)
The WB&A shares their adventures to a Bowie BaySox minor league baseball game and to the Baltimore StreetCar Museum, as well as information about upcoming meets and activities.  There’s also a special article from Past President Clem Clement about the Standards Committee Meeting in October 2018.  

METCA (Metropolitan  Division)         Latest Edition:  July-September, 2018
METCA schedule of events; and a Division car update.

NETCA (New England Division)          Latest Edition: November, 2018 
NETCA Newsletter
There’s a great quote listed here.  “I don’t buy trains – I adopt them.”  So true, so true.  President Todd Metcalf thanks everyone for the great work done on the 64th National Convention in Warwick, RI.  An added feature to meets is a Table of Free Items.  Leave an item or take an item.  AKA the NETCA RECYCLING CENTER! 

NorCal (Northern California Division)                    Latest Edition:
NorCal is updating their website.  Watch to see what’s coming next.

Pacific NorthWest Division (PNW)                           Latest Edition: Fall, 2018
Logger  (PNW Newsletter)
PNW shares upcoming meet information and reports, together with celebrating the 60th Anniversary of PNW Division.  President Rick Dunn has put together a collage of pictures that bring back memories of the fun and games and trains! 

Southern Division                                                    Latest Edition: Fall, 2018
The Layout (Southern Division Newsletter)
(Click on the link, then click on “The Layout” to see the most current version.)
Additional discussion of the TCA WIN BIG Campaign.  Other stories about members and meets.  Also, some great photos of members.

Western Division                                            Latest Edition: December, 2018
Western Division Newsletter
Western will be having a Holiday Potluck Party which will feature the “Polar Express.”  There are some very clear pictures of the Muzeo Express Layout and their holiday season.  Also included is a write up about Atlas Trains.  Did you know that Atlas produced N scale trains, HO scale trains, as well as 2-rail and 3-rail O gauge trains?