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Edward H. Reuss, Jr., 2/26/1891-5/4/1959

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By Russ McFall                                                                 Winter 2016

On Nov. 25, 1916 Edward H. Reuss of 875 Holly Street, Philadelphia secured a contract for the installation of the plumbing and heating systems in the Pennsylvania Railroad Co’s building at 1808 Filbert Street in the amount of $1,235.  On May 17, of the following year, 1917, he added a 20 foot by 23 foot one story garage to his new residence at 5058 Wynnefield Ave. Philadelphia for $1000.

Reuss became an associate member of the Engineer Club of Philadelphia, and upgraded from associate to full member on April 1, 1920 as a piping & heating engineer and consultant. 

In 1920 he was presented with a professionally crafted scale model (3¼ inch gauge, 1/16 scale) of a PRR K4 (4-6-2) locomotive and tender, two Pullman cars (Penn Square and Betsy Ross), baggage car (Liberty Bell) and observation car (Independence Hall). 

The locomotive and tender measure 48 inches, and the group of passenger cars measure 42 inches.

Ruess became a full member of the American Society of Heating and Ventilation Associates and was mentioned in the following Mutual Magazine, July 1921 advertising:

Edward H. Reuss, Jr.
Power Piping, Heating and Plumbing
30th and Race Streets, Philadelphia

In 1934 Ruess became Vice Commodore of the Philadelphia Yacht Club and he is buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania on the western edge of Philadelphia.