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e*Train Issue: May 2004   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

I am currently on a quest to get my trains out their individual boxes and on display.

I took a short jaunt this evening out to “Railcar” (the building that houses “Lionel Lines,” the Largest Lionel Railroad on my Block) and with my digital camera I shot a few pictures to share with you on some of my efforts to date.

I then started to write this article but stopped and went out to Railcar once again, this time simply to count the number of locomotives currently on display.

I counted just over 1000 and remember, that is just locomotives. I counted an ABA or ABBA as one loco, didn’t include any dummys, but a five car string of Budd cars counts as two because two units are powered. I have always had a weak spot for Lionel Steam, usually die-cast, and air whistle tender. I manage to add about 20 or so every year even though duplicates long ago became triplicates and triplicates became quadruplicates and so on and so on.

It is my intended goal to have 1000 steamers before I quit. I like ’em! I also have built a small mockup of a set of display shelves that will display over 1000 boxcars, but that is a story for another article at another time. For now I have these pictures to share with most of you.

As they used to say at Lionel…”Good Railroading”.

Newest shelves built to display MPC Diesels
RailRax is used extensively, looks fabulous!
This wall is 36 feet long and 17 RailRax shelves high.
JC Penny locos in their cases.
An empty wall! Soon to covered with RailRax.
Stairs always make good display shelves?
A set of shelves devoted to Union Pacific.
Just over 100 Lionel steam locos and tenders.
More under the layout shelves with more steam.
Alcos, Switchers, and a little bit of everything.
Streamliners and diesels and GGIs.
Some of the British Steam on display.
Postwar fills the shelves above the layout.
The opposite side of the room.
Prewar Streamliners along the stairwell.
54 Scouts and 2-4-2s plus more.