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Coupon Cars

e*Train Issue: Mar 2002   |   Posted in:

by William Meyer

During the days of Lionel’s return under General Mills/MPC banner in the early 1970’s, there was a coupon car promotion/proof of purchase that appeared on the outside of car boxes. This was a direct sales deal where 2 proof of purchase coupons and $5.00 sent to Lionel got you an uncatalogued car.

In 1972 there was the New Haven double door boxcar # 9719, which read “BLT 3-56”, and the end panel read “9200 Series.”

The following year, 1973, the program continued with the Minneapolis and St. Louis single door boxcar # 9742; “no BUILT DATE” and the end panel read “9700 Series.”

And in 1974 there was the Milwaukee Road (City of Minneapolis) Pullman # 9511 that your proof of purchase coupon was IN the box rather than on the box. This particular car was an “add-on” Pullman car for those who had purchased the 1973 #6-1387 Milwaukee Special Set that featured the then new old style # 9500 passenger cars.

Don’t you wish that the Lionel of today would offer such a deal?