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Convention Cars for All!

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Convention Cars Now Available to General Public

By Stuart Rankin, 87-25191, Chair, Convention Car Committee   Spring 2017 

For likely the first time in TCA’s nearly 65 year history, the exclusive TCA Convention Cars are available to the general public.  For those who aren’t quite sure what a “TCA Convention Car” is, it’s a term used to describe model train items (usually rolling stock) which are designed to capture certain aspects of the area hosting the annual TCA Convention. 

After the ordering cutoff date of October 31, we arrange for a special limited production run, with delivery of orders typically made the following summer. (It takes time to set up the production tooling. These cars are never built again, so they’re worth waiting for!) A great way to plan ahead for that special surprise for a young or old train fan!

These train cars are available only from the TCA; nowhere else.  Non-members, or even TCA members who don’t have access to the members-only area of the TCA website, can purchase their cars from the National Toy Train Museum store at:


There, you’ll see a full explanation about how the ordering works, when delivery occurs after manufacture, and more. If you want to place your order by US Mail, there’s even a print-out form there.


Everybody loves a discount, right?  All TCA members get a discount off the regular price.  If you want to purchase these cars and get the TCA Member Discounted Price, you can join TCA first here:

There, you will learn about the several types of membership available, and submit your application online.

If you’re not sure if TCA is for you, consider trying us out with a six-month Trial Membership — at only $20, it’s inexpensive, and you will receive all TCA publications, plus the right to attend TCA Conventions, Division or Chapter Meets and functions.

NOTE: if you are joining TCA to get access to the discounted pricing, join first, wait for your account to be set up (you’ll get a letter), then place your order in the members-only store with your new login.


While only a limited selection of cars from the Convention Car suite are available to the public for contractual reasons, TCA members have access to all  of the cars in the annual offering, including the “member exclusive” items, such as the O Gauge Traditional Lionel Seabees Boxcar and the American Flyer S Gauge Ben & Jerry’s Reefer shown above.

So, to get those cars, plus lots of extras such as publications, free access to the National Toy Train Museum and to many local train meetings, special insurance opportunities, and more, do consider joining us!

All orders must be received by October 31, 2017, for delivery the following summer after manufacture.