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Clem’s Primer Spring 2024

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by Carol Redman McGinnis, TCA# HE95-41066

Tempus Fugit! Time marches on. This was one of Lou Redman’s favorite phrases. With that we have the opportunity to continue this wonderful hobby with it’s advancements and traditions. Hallelujah!

Clem’s York Primer© is ready for your review.  This Spring’s edition brings old and new together for your interest and enjoyment. Reading it will give you a step up on others. Take care, and travel safe!


Just an FYI that the FlyNut Meeting (on page 16 of Clem’s Primer) has been moved from the Reliance Fire Hall and now will be held in the Orange Hall meeting room on the York Fairgrounds, Thursday, April 18th, beginning at 7 PM. 

Reliance Fire Hall/WEST YORK FIRE HALL MEET  is still a go!, however, Barry King passed away a year ago, about 2 weeks before the April meet. It is now coordinated by Todd & Bev Metcalf, 860-432-2124

More details are at

Dates and time are all the same.

Thanks, Bob Zimmerman, TCA #76-9107

Check the details HERE: Clem’s Primer Spring 2024.