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Clem’s Primer Fall 2021

e*Train Issue: Oct 2021   |   Posted in: ,

CLICK HERE for the updated Spring 2022 version of Clem’s Primer!

By Carol McGinnis, TCA HE95-41066

Carol McGinnis, TCA# HE95-41066, author of Clem’s Primer, wants each TCA member to know that this issue is a special one.  It is a clearer format, with tons of information about happenings in and around York, as well as comments from Clem (Richard) Clement, Honor Roll TCA#64-987 and his wife Sandy, TCA# 05-58511, continuing their contributions since as early 1998.

Updated information includes that Kids Corner will be closed, there is no $50 fee for electricity when camping on the fairgrounds, and the latest edition of  Greenberg’s Guide to Lionel  O Gauge, Vol.2: 1929-1936 will be available. 

So enjoy reading the latest, and get the word out about the Eastern Division York Train Meet, the National Toy Train Museum and National Toy Train Library DeAccession Tables in Yellow Hall, and the myriad of services offered through the National Business Office.

A BIG thanks to Eastern Division for all their hard work on re-opening this meet! Hope to See You At York!