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Christmas in July, 2022

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by John Halajko. TCA# 84-20653

This article is about the Christmas of 2021 and features three neat places that my wife, Joanie, and I visited. These are the newly relocated National Christmas Center, The TCA Museum, and Longwood Gardens. The best of the lot was the National Christmas Center with the TCA Museum a close second. The Longwood Construction Project dampened the view of the nighttime fountain light show. Both Joanie and I were disappointed with the displays being mostly Christmas trees.  


Exhibit Routing Map, Christmas 2021
   As you walk through the rooms you find vignettes of Christmas Past.

Link to National Christmas Center for my December 2021 Expedition

Enjoy the over 200 photos taken approximately in the order of the exhibit routing map above. The Star Barn at Stone Gables will relocate these displays to the first floor of a reconstructed antique barn. The second floor will be all train layouts. Call 717 902 9791 for hours of operation.

For those of us who are fortunate to attend the TCA Keystone Meets, we have memories of interacting with Jim Morrison, Santa Jr. He and his partner collected the Christmas items which became the National Christmas Center.

The TCA Museum, Christmas 2021

Christmas is a Great Time to visit our museum. Enjoy this appetizer. Plan a visit this summer or fall. What will Bob Lubonski and crew do next? Visit the Museum in 2023 to findout.

The Standard Gauge Layout
The O-Gauge Layout with Winter Scene and New Display Buttons
The Circus Display
Everyone Loves the Circus
One Side of the LEGO Layout
The Other Side of the LEGO Layout
Flyer Land
Marx Land

Longwood Gardens in December 2021

Remember to visit the G-Gauge Layout behind the restaurant. If it’s not there, ask where they relocated it.  You will find lots and lots of Christmas Trees in the link.