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Christmas in July 2021

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Frosty is ready and willing to tell a story of “Training Adventures.”

By John S. Halajko (AKA Dr. Brass, The Engine Surgeon) TCA-84-20653 and Carl Condon TCA-88-28294 (As told by our friend, Frosty.)
                                                                                                    Summer 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Frosty, and I am here to give you some ideas for Christmas in July 2021! 

2020 was so unlike anything that has ever happened before. Many of us lost family or friends. Travel restrictions forced business, meetings, and family gatherings to be cancelled. Churches and almost all volunteer organizations shut their doors and shutdown their programs. Dr. Brass remembers getting the call from the volunteer services of St. Mary’s Hospital advising that he was no longer going to be able to visit patients. The were no train meets, and No York!  Travel restrictions on trains, and boats, and planes were enforced by state troopers.  And a fear of uncertainty that was only eased by one’s faith.

But, there were people who tried to bring some smiles and happiness in the midst of all this craziness.  Here is what Dr. Brass and his wife, Joanie, did in December of 2020.

Dr. Brass and Joanie live across the fence from their “Ballooning” Friends. They are all looking forward to the Greenberg and TCA Train Shows returning this summer. 

Snoopy even waits for takeoff for the Next Adventure. He bids Goodbye from West Wellington Road in Newtown, PA.

Check Out Aanother Neighborhood Yard Display

Carl Condon, down the way in Fairfax, VA, has a cool outdoor Train Garden that may be back for Christmas of 2021. He leaves it up for people to enjoy. Ask around your hometown to learn if there are any local TCA members who  feature open train displays now and  at Christmas Time.

Carl is a Smorgasborder. (Nancy Swan would call him an “accumulator!”)  He never met a train he did not like. He operates and collects O, G and Standard Gauge Trains. (Yours truly, Dr Brass, only does O Gauge!  One of the many benefits of an outdoor Train Garden is the one of almost unlimited free space.

Carl’s outdoor Christmas Train Garden has lighted displays just like the National Christmas Train Display which he helps to setup and operate.

And then there is an indoor display!

A Double Headed Express pulls into Condon Ville.

Welcome to Condon Ville.

Wow, the indoor Trains are still up at Carl’s Place!

With a Toonerville Trolley.

OH NO!  That Toonerville Trolley is going a might fast and is approaching the end of the track. Looks like an accident is about to happen!  Lots of action around downtown Condon Ville. Looks like the trolley stopped in the nick of time! 

Is that a Toonerville Trolley on a turntable? 

It sure is! Carl’s Toonerville Trolley features the auto reversing turntable. We will feature a video of operation in a future e*Train article.

Photo of Cousin Rachel and John’s children (used with their permission)

Playing trains on the floor is a cool thing for kids to do at Christmas Time, or anytime! Dr. Brass recommends two loops around the perimeter of a room. If you can get the train under the furniture then you just made a tunnel!  Popular building blocks make great backdrops and buildings and some little people even fit into O Gauge Trains!

Editor’s Note: Gee Frosty, thanks for that great bedtime story. When can we come over to visit?