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An Alco Update

e*Train Issue: Oct 2008   |   Posted in: ,

By Mike Stella

I find it very hard to believe that it was in May of 2004 that my e*Train article on Lionel Alco’s appeared.

While I had a pretty complete collection, there is always a variation or two that seems impossible to acquire.  But as the years pass, several factors have come into play.

First, we are all getting older and railroad yards full of toy trains are coming on the market.  The Internet auctions have almost doubled the number of Lionel items for sale in the past two years!  Items generally considered “rare” are popping up time and time again.

Second, after 35 years of collecting Lionel, there just isn’t that many items I want to add to my collection.  So when a piece does show up, I can pay more to acquire it then I normally would and still be happy that I obtained it.

I think I am down to less than ten things I really would like to add to my collection before I give this all up.

The #231 Rock Island Alco missing the Red Stripe goes along nicely with the #231 that ONLY has the Red Stripe and the normal production #231 completely decorated.

This should be the last Alco I add BUT there was always the desire to own a dozen yellow #2023’s!!!

Possibly the FINAL ALCO for my Collection, #231 Black Rock Island