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American Flyer Prewar Accessories Series – Old Glory Flag Pole

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By Leon Sweet

The American Flyer Old Glory Flag Pole was one of the grandest accessories produced by American Flyer.  It was cataloged from 1928 until 1934 and stood 23.5 inches tall.  It featured a cast eagle at the top of the pole and a flag that could be raised and lowered.  The die cast base featured Old Glory and American Flyer in raised lettering.

I assume this accessory would have appealed not only to train collectors but also to patriotic members of society who wanted a nice, but reasonably sized flag for display purposes.

To me the accessory is a bit large and only looks to scale when placed in front of the American Flyer Union Station, which is also a very large item.

Unfortunately, American Flyer had problems with their early die casting and often times these pieces are found with deteriorating/exploding bases.