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American Flyer Prewar Accessories Series – Article 7 – American Flyer 2184 Bungalow

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By Leon Sweet
(Summer 2012)

At first glance these three Lionel produced bungalows do not appear all that striking.  If I were to see them at a show, I would not even look twice at them, as my interests are related to American Flyer prewar items.

However, when one looks at the bottom of these bungalows, one sees that they are rubber stamped with the following: “American Flyer Lines NO. 2184”

It is widely known that American Flyer purchased some accessories and wide gauge freight cars from Lionel, specifically the following accessories:

  • The Lionel 077 Crossing Gate, sold as Flyer 2032/4032 crossing gate, which was featured in the 1926-1929 catalogs and dealer’s price lists
  • The Lionel 078 Train Control, sold as Flyer 2033/4033 train control signal, which was featured in the 1926-1929 catalogs and dealer’s price lists
  • The Lionel 57 Lamp, sold as Flyer 2013 lamp, which was featured in the 1926-1928? dealer’s price lists and 1927 and 1928 catalogs (I do not have a 1928 price list, but assume it is in the price list as it is shown in the 1928 catalog).

However, the Lionel-produced buildings that were sold through American Flyer only appear in the 1926 dealer’s price lists and were not shown in the catalogs.  The 1926 dealer’s price list (I am referencing a reproduction/photocopy by the late Hilly Lazarus) lists the following 4 items:

  • 2184 Bungalow
  • 2185 Signal Tower
  • 2189 House
  • 2191 Villa

It is obvious that the 2184, 2189, and 2191 are the Lionel buildings as they simply have a 2 in front of their normal numbers and the names Bungalow, House, and Villa correspond to the Lionel descriptions of the items.  The 2185 Signal Tower is the 092 Signal Tower , as reported in factory memos discovered by Joe Kotil and written about in the 1981 Vol. 2 TCA Quarterly.

My finding these three American Flyer 2184 bungalows was purely a coincidence.  In late 2011/early 2012 the TCA Historian, Ron Morris #70-3178, contacted me to see if I had any of the buildings made by Lionel for American Flyer.  Ron indicated that he was trying to prove their existence and could not find anyone who had these buildings.  I did not have any of these buildings, but researched my reference materials and discovered that they were listed in the dealer’s price list for 1926.  Although they were not shown in the catalogs, I suspected that they may exist due to their inclusion in the price lists.  At the time, I was unable to offer any further information and the information relating to these items was filed in the back of my mind.

Fast forward 6 months and I see a grouping of 4 Lionel 57 lamp posts on eBay, with the seller noting that one is stamped 2013.  Knowing that was the Flyer number for the 57 lamp, I purchased the group.  One week later while at the Great Midwest Train Show in Wheaton, Illinois, I bumped into the seller of the lamps.  I mentioned that I had just purchased the group of lamps from him because of the one being stamped with the American Flyer number.  He told me he has 3 bungalows that also are marked for American Flyer. 

We strike a deal on the bungalows and I am now the proud owner of these very rare American Flyer No. 2184 Bungalows.