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American Flyer Prewar Accessories Series Article 2 – Mack’s Junction Water Tower

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By Leon Sweet

The American Flyer Mack’s Junction water tower is somewhat of an unusual item.  It never appeared in the American Flyer catalogs and was only cataloged in the Montgomery Ward Catalogs, as part of an equipment set.  I have been told that the equipment set showing the Mack’s Junction water tower appeared in the 1922-1924 Montgomery Ward catalogs.

Macks Junction Equipment Set, 1922 Wards catalog

I purchased a reproduction 1922 Montgomery Ward catalog just for the information relating to the water tower and a copy of this is shown below.

2020 water tower

The Mack’s Junction water tower is the same as a 2020 American Flyer water tower, with the exception that there is a black and gold decal that covers the “Lines” lettering of the “American Flyer Lines” part of the lithograph.

Mack’s-other side

The photo of my Mack’s Junction water tower was taken when the roof and spout were removed for cleaning and it should feature a dark red roof and black spout with weight, similar to the picture of the 2020 American Flyer water tower.

An interesting note about the equipment set, is that the seller of my Mack’s Junction water tower, also had the two of the 3 other items in the equipment set.

Mack’s water gauge side