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American Flyer Oddity

e*Train Issue: Apr 2010   |   Posted in: ,

By Leon Sweet TCA 98-47876

I follow eBay closely looking for those odd American Flyer prewar items and saw this tender one day while browsing the listings.  The photos in the listing for the train showed poor detail of the tender, but it appeared to me that the tender frame was not punched out.  I took the chance on the item and bought the train.  Sure enough to my delight, the tender frame was not punched out on the sides, but the embossed detail was there.

This is likely a one-of-a-kind tender that was packaged and sent out at the factory, due to there not really being anything wrong with it, other than missing a few holes.

The set that this came with dates to approximately 1916 and the tender itself has the earliest coal load, which has numerous small dents, denoting the coal.  The second photo shows a more typical tender from the same era.