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Who Are Your Local Kids and Teens Club Coordinators?

The Train Collectors Association is divided into local Divisions for different regions of the United States and beyond. Within those Divisions, dedicated Kids and Teens Club Coordinators are responsible for programming and are happy to provide information about membership benefits and more. Browse this page to see who to contact about your local TCA Youth Clubs. 

Fort Pitt
Tom Garrity (TCA 10-65383) 

Great Lakes: 
John Twarog (TCA 05-58991)

Lone Star: 
Ray Pritzlaff  (TCA-86-24061) 

Mark Ranzie (TCA 94-39363)  

Dick Stenta (TCA 97-45114) 

Jeff Sawyer (TCA 83-18947) 

Robert Caplan (TCA HE82-18679) 

Joseph Caplan

Have Questions or Not Sure How to Reach the Right Contact? Get in Touch with TCA 

We are always available to answer questions from parents and guardians of our Kids Club and Teens Club members and prospective new members. If you need more information about your local TCA leadership, please contact the National Business Office

Getting Started with Toy Trains 

Parents often wonder how to get started the right way for the youngest toy train enthusiasts and kids who are just beginning to express an interest in the collecting hobby. Our “First Steps” resource page is an excellent introduction with links to special activities and suggested reading about trains. Check it out!