model train set on track

Discover Two Free Clubs for Young Train Enthusiasts

With permission from a parent or guardian, kids and teens up to age 18 can join our TCA Kids (under age 13) and TCA Teens (ages 13-18) clubs for free to get acquainted with the toy train collecting hobby!

When you join, you will receive a membership certificate, member card, and more.

Interested in TCA Junior Membership Instead?

Kids under 18 are also welcome to join TCA with a Junior Membership. This option allows for participation in TCA events and subscription to TCA publications for young people who are already somewhat advanced in the toy train hobby. It can be an excellent gateway to Regular membership at age 18! Dues are half price for Junior members—currently just $25 per year.

Additional rules apply to Junior members, and parental or guardian permission is required to join. Visit our Join TCA page to get the details and sign up!