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Lionel Repurposing: ♫”Bring in the Clones”♫ – Newsstands

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By Bob Mintz

The Originals

Repurposing is the use of something for a purpose other than its original intended use. Repurposing an item can be done by modifying it to fit a new use, or by using the item as it is in a new way.

Author’s embellishment

I’m not talking about variations, earlier and rarer production, color differences, underlying plastic colored mold painted to another color, unique prototypes, samples, factory mock-ups, color samples, paint samples, factory errors and factory variations that never made it into regular production. Nor Department Store Specials (DSS), Club cars and Special Production for hobby organizations and people, museums and businesses, uncatalogued items or Service Station Specials (SSS).

Nor a few with minor to little to no variations; others with several including lettering size, color spacing or font and different placement or brightness of the heralds; original issue or reintroduced in the mid to late 60s; some made in several or only one year, dropped altogether or later brought back, available in sets only and never available separately or in a set and for separate sale.

Neither being a number where many were made and others that not many were sold; some with glossy or dull coats.

As a youngin’, the first time that I noticed that Lionel recycled an item was the superstructure of # 197 Rotating Radar Antenna (1957-1959) into the # 192 Operating Control Tower (1959-1960) and the # 175 Rocket Launcher ((1958-1960); as seen above.

# 128 Animated Newsstand (1957-1960)

I will start here with the # 128 Animated Newsstand which itself came in 4 variations.

  1. Brighter green, black or mixed black and white inside plastic levers
  2. Darker green, white or mixed black and white inside plastic levers
  3. Blue mold painted the same brighter green in the first
  4. Blue mold painted the same darker green in the second

The Descendants

Food does appear to be a common theme. Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, what, no pizza?